Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Work

Today brought the second week of the hubby being laid off. Fortunately we are able to receive other sources of income for the time being. We have been so blessed with work through this winter since most all of the business that his employer takes on is commercial construction. Unfortunately there just isn't enough work to go around for all of the employees and now it's his turn to sit home (for a short period hopefully).

Although this has been a little disappointing, it has really allowed us to spend some great quality time together (and even some alone time when both of the kids are at school). I feel totally blessed for the time that we have had together lately. Now that my hormones are under control (hopefully) we are able to enjoy each others company so much more.

Looking forward with bitter sweetness to him punching the time clock again tomorrow.

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Sailor and Co said...

and now, MY hormones are yucky :(