Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dead End! and the sand was soft

It's been awhile since my last post as most of you might have noticed.  Well here I am, back again at a fork in the road  right where I was before I took that last turn down a road less traveled by the people I know.

Maybe I'm trying to make something out of nothing that God has intended for me. 

My journey started out like this...

The sun rose, shining light on the beginning of this road.  The colors of the trees down the path were the beautiful color of green in the spring.  I couldn't resist, I needed to take a turn and travel down this path. The gravel seemed packed, as if most all of the bumps had been smoothed out, providing sleek travel.  Everything seemed so wonderful from my view, and then I began to creep closer to those green trees.  They were still so refreshing but the sun began to dim and trees formed a shadow.  The road started to slowly darken, but I still thought that no matter how dark it would be inside of the woods if it was half as refreshing as the outside then things would be fine.  Well, it was dark.  Really dark.  The road was starting to become more narrow the further I traveled but I stayed on it.  It was becoming more and more difficult to travel but I was bound to ignore the difficulties.  And then, the sand stared to soften quickly and I was getting stuck.  Still trying to push my way along I ran into another sign.  This one was about as clear as I wish they were all of the time.  DEAD END!!!

All of the work that I had contributed to was gone just like that.  As if the man above was telling me that he was going to make this one clear to me this time! 

Email, locked out of!  Blogger, completely disappeared and no longer exists!  Facebook, password no longer matches!  I was completely locked out of it all and I felt like the only way to try to get it back was to go through hell and back again.

No thanks God, I can read this sign!

~So here it is... to many more unscheduled but inspiring blog posts "here". On "my" blog!