Monday, February 15, 2010


For the second week in a row I have found myself interested in a section of the Sunday paper that I didn't even know existed.  You see, I wasn't aware of the part of the paper because the only reason I used to purchase a paper on the weekends was to see what great deals were in the local ads.  I had a total spending addiction on my mind and it involved a lot of shopping.  And now, I'm a proud coupon junky!

Well this week again I was reading up on the ka-ching section.  Chris Farrell tells us exactly how it is.  He sees it as borrowing more and saving less is not going to be a way of life again.  It just can't be!  Employers can no longer afford an increase in wages for employees and in addition to that we need to take in account for the increase in health care costs.  Most of us cannot afford to take a risk of not carrying health insurance on ourselves due to the spendy rise in medical treatments, but it also hurts when little is left to our paycheck after taking out for health care and 401k's. 

The picture that I'm painting is that we no longer are or will be able to spend like we used to.  Society has changed and we need to jump on the band wagon before we get left behind and end up learning the hard way again.  We need to become more frugal with our lifestyle and money.  If that means buying two Sunday papers so that I can double up on  my savings with coupons, then that's what needs to be done.  We need to be more aware of our resources out there to help us learn effective ways of spending more wisely.  And most importantly, we need to start saving again.

Some of the resources that I recommend are listed below.  Note that there are numerous more out there in books, websites and blogs.

Dave Ramsey

Suze Orman

Star Tribune - ka-ching

Happy Savings

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