Thursday, February 18, 2010

What he wants to be...

We all have had our dreams as a small child about what we want to be when we get big.  My husband and I have tried very hard to make it known to our children that they can be anything almost anything/body that they want to be.  We have felt that it is important that they know that and we will be there to root them on in whatever it is they decide to persue. 
Our Little Man just told me last night that he was changing what he was going to be when he got olger.  I continued to ask him what was on his mind and then he answered... I'm just going to be a guy on American Idol who sings My Big Green Tractor.  I looked at him and said, Little Man you can be anything you want to be but can Mom be your back-up singer?
Apparently there was something more interesting about singing than there was about being a firefighter,  swat guy, or construction worker. 

What will he want to be next?

(For now the Firefighter is in the blood.)


shalunya said...

What an adorable picture and such a cute kid you made!! There is a great sense of warmth on your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Visiting from BlogFrog.

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