Monday, March 1, 2010

He'll help me through

On the list of the top ten things that brake a moms heart, you will find my #7 reading... my child crying when I drop him/her off at school/daycare.

My heart has been breaking from this lately.  My Little Man has been torturing me lately with his separation problems.  My mind is boggled with confusion.  I am constantly asking myself why this is happening.  As a mother you are naturally trained to think of every possible reason that he may be doing this.

We prepare our children for what's to come and happen.  We have strong beliefs in our house that it develops maturity in our children to be open and honest.  We feel that just as we like to know what is going to take place in the near future, so do our children.  This allows for them to prepare themselves emotionally and physically for what is to come. 

So we've prepared Little Man religiously for each day that follows today.  He understands when he goes to school and he understands when he goes to daycare.  He gets it!  He even knows how long he will be at each place (there's nothing that gets past him now that he's learning to tell time).  And yet everyday we have a gigantic meltdown.  He uses every excuse under the sun as to why he doesn't want to leave the house. 

My husband and I have continued to be firm and together on the same page with this situation.  We try very hard to not allow our children to win these battles.  We have remained strong and consistent with what is expected from our children.  And yet through all of this, we still offer positive affirmation.  We give him praise for a job well done. 

Even when I feel that I can't take this anymore and I just want to give in, I know that God has put these wonderful women in my life.  These amazing angels that help me to push forth everyday knowing that they love my son so much and they watch over him at school and daycare as one of their very own.  We know that he's in good hands and that makes it all the easier.

But, please Lord hear my cry.  I need this to stop.  I know it's not nearly as bad as how it makes me feel but it's breaking my heart.


Melissa said...

I know for too much how you feel. If it makes you feel any better, I used to work at a day care and the kids that would come in screaming, the moment their parent(s) closed the door behind them the kid was fine. It will get better. :)

Gretchyn Q said...

Hang in there, Jenny. You're doing the right things. Keep praying for him. Have you tried praying with him about it? You could pray about it together at night and even before you leave for school. Maybe you've already thought of this! Just a thought that popped into my head! Thanks for helping me funkify my blog! You're the best!