Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And The Day Came...

Ahhh!  It's here.  The day after Monday.  The day that I didn't want to come until I was ready.  You know, with my post... but it still came.  The day that I feared, another one of those days that I wake up and look Fear right it's face and I say..."You're back again!?!?"

You see, we all have them.  You know.... those sinful enemies.  The ones that we fight with and fight with to please go away.  And here I am putting up a little bit of a bigger battle today.  I'm not going to let you get me this time.  I'm here, I've logged in, I'm writing all about you, and pretty soon I'm going to hit the publish button. And that's how you'll know that I'm in it to win it!

With the enabling power of the Holy Spirit I am ready to put to death the sin in my life.  The fear that I have.  The fear that has allowed me to believe that my words are nothing to others, that the things that I have to say are of most non-importance to those around me, and sometimes, yes even sometimes the feeling of being a complete nobody.  But today I have seeked the power of the Holy Spirit, and I am confident that I Will be of some importance to at least one individual.  I hope that through the things that I have to share here, you will find interest and so much more and that you would want to visit here often. 

 I am ready to be bold!  I am up for the battle here on this blog.  The battle to not fear what my readers might have to say about me and what I choose to write about.  This blog will not be for everyone and that's okay, but I sure look forward to sharing stories and comments with the rest of you.

So... to fear,
             you're going down!


Full House said...

You go girl!

Sailor and Co said...

write it for an audience of ONE and He will be glorified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you go lady!!!