Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here's your sign!

Sometime this is exactly how I feel. Here's my sign. Don't go too fast but don't go to slow. And, good luck!
 Gee thanks. Is that all the clearer it gets?
Well, if I go that way it might take me here, but if I go this way it might take me there. And then I might think that I've got it figured out until the road splits. Isn't it amazing, with all the paths that we can travel in life, only one person knows which way is the right way. 
So, do I make the most of the path that I take, or do I turn around when it gets bumpy? Or should I run when it gets dark, or just keep traveling and know that he's with me? Our, do I just sit at the crossroads and go nowhere? How do I know what to do? How do I know where to go?
As some of you may already know, I've been feeling a little lost lately. But now I've been tossed an opportunity and I'm really struggling. I can't tell you completely what is going on but what I can say is that ever since I was introduced to blogging, I have been in love with it. No, that doesn't mean that I've blogged every day since, or that I know everything about it- by no means. But it does mean that it is something that I really enjoy doing.  My struggle has always been that I have felt as though the things that I have to write about are of no interest to anybody but me and my besties, and maybe that's true, but I've wanted to have something interesting.  I've wanted to blog about things that will keep people coming back because they like what I do and what I blog about. And now I'm trying to figure out if what I've wanted is right in front of me, and even more, if I'm following the right arrow on my sign.
Sometime in life I wish things were just plain and simple. Black and white. Yes and no. Something sort of like this...

Yeah, just like this!  I wish someone would just point me to this and say "here's your sign!"

Monday, May 10, 2010

If music moves your soul...

...then you must here this...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Field Trip to remember

Where should I begin?
Well two days prior it was sunny, warm, and in the 70's.  Yesterday it was cold, wet and rainy, and even snow was in the forecast.  The second graders had planned their field trip to an outdoor baseball game.  I did but I didn't want to go.  The invitation was open to all of the parents and I knew from past experiences that if I didn't go, she would be one of the only few without her mom or dad there.  So I sucked it up and requested the day off of work to join her.  After watching a weeks worth of weather forecasts to see if their prediction would change, it didn't!  Rain, rain, rain, and a little bit of snow!  I had never prayed for snow in May before until now.  The teachers had notified us that regardless of the weather, we would be going, and that they didn't call off games until after the scheduled start time.  They suggested that we dressed warm with hats, jackets, and mittens. Rain gear and blankets were also a good idea to bring.
So we boarded to school bus at 8:30 for the 1 hour+ bus ride.  We arrived down at the game and unloaded the buses to enter into the game and find our seats. It was still raining!  No umbrella or rain jacket was going to keep us dry.  The bleachers had standing water puddles on them, and did I forget to mention that this was all completely outdoors? Yeah, for real!  So they started off by postponing the game for a while, and finally after sitting in the pouring rain for an hour, they decided to call it off.  So we loaded up the buses for a long bus ride back home again.  What a day!
So all of this seems so miserable, and it truly was in the moment.  It took hours to unthaw. I mean, I was so irritated that I posted on facebook.  I never post on facebook, EVER!!! But I did this day.  It was only after numerous comments to my post that I received one that read...

"ok ladies, appreciate these field trips! now that we have teens we are planning field trips to New York! can you say 2 GRAND! HELP!!!!! ( I really enjoyed the free ones!)"

Wow!  That really made me realize how much this field trip was going to be one to remember.  Not because it was cold, wet and rainy, but because it was free, close to home, and I was invited to go along.
Sometimes we need those more experienced mothers to tell us how it really is!  Thanks Missy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well, if you noticed or you haven't, take a look down at the bottom of my side bar.  Yup, that's my Etsy store.  I know, only two items in there right now, but "my" perfection takes time.  I've lots of downloading anf uploading to do, and by Monday it should look like a REAL STORE!!!  I've been working very hard on a few things and I can't wait to share them with you. 
Make sure to stop by again soon and check in at
Go ahead and leave some advice here in the comment section.  Anything that you like or that I can improve on.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh how proud...

After 4+ months of what seemed to be endless, school and studying, he's almost there.  My DH has been schooling for his EMT certificate, while I've felt like I've been single parenting it while he's been away.  Last night he took one of the many tests that he has left in order to become certified and...... he passed!  One down and two more to go.  We have been so grateful for this education that has been given to him at no cost, through the Fire Department.  We are truly blessed with the Department that we have and they are so amazing.
Cheers! ... to my hubby's accomplishments.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sunday night again, and I'm up all by myself.  The house was silent tonight by 8:30.  It has been so peaceful, but yet I wish that I had someone to cuddle up on the couch with.  Any one of them would do right now. But no, the time is ticking away faster and faster and I know that if I don't hit the hay soon I'll be sorry come morning.  I find it so irritating how a six hour shift at work can feel like 6 days but yet two hours of silence feels like 20 minutes.  Point being... I got nothing done while everyone was out of my hair.  Oh well, I'm sure it will all be waiting for me come morning.
Looking forward to a week full of good blogging~