Friday, March 12, 2010

Five Question Friday

Okay, so I'm excited to tell you that today is my very first time participating in the Five Question Friday.  I've been following it a while now, but I thought that today would be a great day to start since these are some of the questions that I have been getting asked lately. 

So, here's to those of you who want to know my answers...
 (And when your done, hop over to Mama M's to see what she had to say)

1. How much time do you spend on the computer a day?

Well, I feel as though I should be extremely embarrassed to admit this answer, however I'm not, well maybe a little bit.  Anyways, does probably too much count for an answer?  I guess it depends who your talking to.  Regardless of how much time, does it even matter as long as everything is done by the time the fam gets home?  Alright, I'll just tell you that it's A LOT!!!  If mama ain't got her screen time then nobody's happy ;)

And I still ask myself how I can't keep up with my blog posts as much as I would like.  (I'll let you know that answer when I figure it out.)

2. Will you pay for your children's college or raise them to pay for their own way?
It's funny that this question came up since I was just talking about this lately.  My DH and I have partially decided that the two children we have may be all that we have, since we would like to help provide for them as much as possible.  We definitely plan to teach them responsibilities and good money management as they become teens so that they can manage their money wisely and help contribute to paying their way through school. However we understand the importance of extended education and plan to help them out with such expenses, but only to get them up and going. 
I guess we'll see, only times will tell!

3. Have you ever been in a car accident?
I feel like answering this question could possibly set me up for a curse, but then again I guess that I could count this one time. 
Shortly after my high school best friend and I had our license, we were following each other back home from a day of shopping in the town.  We were both waiting at a stop sign for an opening so that we could pull out onto the highway.  As a break in traffic came I saw her begin to pull out slowly, so I began to follow her slowly.  As I looked to check again that there was enough room for me to pull out behind her, I began to accelerate until I was stopped by her bumper.  She apparently decided that she was going to wait at the sign a little longer, who knows.  To add the humor of these two blondes, they decide to get out and check the damage (there wasn't any, absolutely no trace of anything that had happened which saved our butts) and then just sat with our cars practically in the middle of the road to chat about it for awhile. 
But then again, if that's only the worst?!?!

4. What is your favorite book?
I really don't like to admit it, but hmmm... I don't think I have a favorite book.  You see, I've always wanted to be one who loved to read novels, but I just can't do it.  I'm not sure if it's because it seems to take me so long, or if I just truly can't get into it.  On the other hand I do enjoy reading magazines occasionally and I also like Christian books that have to deal with self improvement.  Okay.... and I love to read some of my favorite blogs!
5. Do you make your bed everyday?
Do I make my bed everyday????..........  Well, I'm starting to finally get the hang of it.  I would probably say that I make it about 5/7 days a week.  I can't seem to keep our room very clean, so when I make my bed it helps me to feel better about the other part of the mess that consumes the remainder of the room.
Hey, whatever works!!!

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Full House said...

Strange how that me being your best friend in all I do not recall that whole question #3 accident that you said we were in together. Oh yeah because I was never in an accident with you it was a different one of our friends not your best friend!