Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh my buns...(but not that you care)

So I signed in for my second week of boot camp this morning.  I never thought that I would make it through the first day.  I was sure to be a boot camp drop-out.  But NO, I was there checking back in today for week number two.  And I think that I forgot to mention somewhere in there that I sat on the toilet last week from Sunday morning until, well umm, I think that my DH finally came in to help me off Monday morning.  We definitely worked the buns on Saturday.  Yep, it was Monday because he needed my help getting the kids ready and off to school.  I did call the doc and he reassured me that it wasn't a medical problem.  So I decided to diagonse myself with, I think I called it "totally out of shape", yup that's what it was, just plain totally out of shape!

So this got me thinking,  I wonder if God is this sore when he's constantly working on getting me spiritually in shape?  Because I know that I'm not nearly in shape there either.

~Looking forward to next week~


shalunya said...

God must really be hurtin in my case bc I know I need constant work! And thank God for blessings like DH coming to the rescue!!
Have a great weekend!

Full House said...

Oh how I love going to Boot camp with you!