Saturday, May 8, 2010

Field Trip to remember

Where should I begin?
Well two days prior it was sunny, warm, and in the 70's.  Yesterday it was cold, wet and rainy, and even snow was in the forecast.  The second graders had planned their field trip to an outdoor baseball game.  I did but I didn't want to go.  The invitation was open to all of the parents and I knew from past experiences that if I didn't go, she would be one of the only few without her mom or dad there.  So I sucked it up and requested the day off of work to join her.  After watching a weeks worth of weather forecasts to see if their prediction would change, it didn't!  Rain, rain, rain, and a little bit of snow!  I had never prayed for snow in May before until now.  The teachers had notified us that regardless of the weather, we would be going, and that they didn't call off games until after the scheduled start time.  They suggested that we dressed warm with hats, jackets, and mittens. Rain gear and blankets were also a good idea to bring.
So we boarded to school bus at 8:30 for the 1 hour+ bus ride.  We arrived down at the game and unloaded the buses to enter into the game and find our seats. It was still raining!  No umbrella or rain jacket was going to keep us dry.  The bleachers had standing water puddles on them, and did I forget to mention that this was all completely outdoors? Yeah, for real!  So they started off by postponing the game for a while, and finally after sitting in the pouring rain for an hour, they decided to call it off.  So we loaded up the buses for a long bus ride back home again.  What a day!
So all of this seems so miserable, and it truly was in the moment.  It took hours to unthaw. I mean, I was so irritated that I posted on facebook.  I never post on facebook, EVER!!! But I did this day.  It was only after numerous comments to my post that I received one that read...

"ok ladies, appreciate these field trips! now that we have teens we are planning field trips to New York! can you say 2 GRAND! HELP!!!!! ( I really enjoyed the free ones!)"

Wow!  That really made me realize how much this field trip was going to be one to remember.  Not because it was cold, wet and rainy, but because it was free, close to home, and I was invited to go along.
Sometimes we need those more experienced mothers to tell us how it really is!  Thanks Missy.

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